Miscellaneous, 1986-1987, Part 6

Miscellaneous, 1986-1987, Part 6
Miscellaneous, 1986-1987
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CORR325-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06
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Miscellaneous, 1986-1987
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Odds & Ends. Some correspondence from acquaintances Newsletters, clippings, solicitations. Fan mail, "get well soon" cards, Christmas cards. No discernible order.
Part 1, 300 pages.  Highlights include:  Denis Paradis, Laura Haywood, Robert Bloch, Betsy Curtis, Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham concerning a contribution of $20,000 by the Heinleins to "High Frontier". Diane Duane. Fred Harris of "Author Services" passing along as a gift an original painting of a "Stranger in a Strange Land" cover art owned by L. Ron Hubbard. Roberta Pournelle.
Part 2, 300 pages. Continuing more of the same. Highlights include:  Robert Bloch. 1986. "Taste" magazine, Dec/Jan 1987, pp 381-440, including an Eric Hoffman interview of Robert at pp 404-407. Alan Nourse, A series of photos of cover art from UK editions of Robert's works. "The New International Review", Winter 1987. Betsy Curtis, Laura Haywood.
Part 3, 300 pages. Continuing more of the same. Highlights include:  David Gerrold regarding the pre-production work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Joe Haldeman & Gay Haldeman. "California UFO" magazine. Jack Williamson.
Part 4, 311 pages. Continuing more of the same. Highlights include:  "Calculation of the Concentration of any Radionuclide Deposited on the Ground by Offsite Fallout from a Nuclear Detonation", by Harry G. Hicks. Christine Schillig of Putnam's re "To Sail Beyond the Sunset", including concept art for the cover. Catherine de Camp and Sprague de Camp, Betsy Curtis,  "Perceptions of The Mornons in Science Fiction: The Writing of Robert A. Heinlein"  by Bruce and Julie Westergren.  Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham. Poul Anderson. "The Commercial Space Report", November 1986. Brochure/report from "The Admiral H. G. Rickover Foundation".
Part 5, 289 pages. Continuing more of the same. Highlights include:  Denis Paradis, Alan Nourse, Chris Schillig re "To Sail Beyond the Sunset",  Spider Robinson, Betsy Curtis, Newsweek magazine, Oct 27, 1986. Lt. Gen Daniel O. Graham. Jan Howard Finder, Spider Robinson.
Part 6, 306 pages. Continuing more of the same. Highlights include:  Spider Robinson, Cal Laning, Robert Bloch. LOCUS magazine, March 1987. Lt. Gen. Deniel O. Graham, Jack Williamson, including a letter from Clifford D. Simak to Williamson. Jay Kay Klein. Last approximately 100 pages of the file is Fred Harris of Author Services enclosing the top four finalists of the 1986 version of L. Ron Hubbard's "Writers of the Future" contest.
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