General Correspondence, 1984-1986

General Correspondence, 1984-1986
General Correspondence, 1984-1986
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CORR321-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06
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General Correspondence, 1984-1986
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Correspondence, mostly semi-personal with casual friends and acquaintances. Some with more close friends. Lower volume business discussions that didn't merit their own file might also appear here. There are also some fan letters and the return correspondence from the Heinleins. Some family letters. Christmas and birthday cards and other cards scattered throughout. File is sorted by Alpha on last name of correspondent.
Part 1, 281 pages, continuing similar correspondence. A-C.  Highlights include: Letter from Robert to Isaac Asimov crediting a remark Asimov made circa 1939 "give or take a decade" as his inspiration for "Job: A Comedy of Justice". Richard Adams, Amy Baxter, John Brunner, David Brin, John DeChancie. Notice of the death of Mary Collin from her youngest daughter. Michael Cassutt, Perry Chapdelaine (Chapdelaine letters seem to be from 1978-1979).
Part 2, 225 pages, continuing similar correspondence. D-G.  Highlights include: Art Dula, Sprague de Camp & Catherine de Camp, Frederick Durant, Tessa Dick, Harlan Ellison, Robert Forward, James Gunn.
Part 3, 206 pages, continuing similar correspondence. H-K.  Highlights include: Family correspondence of the Heinlein clan. Frank Herbert.  Eric Hoffman regarding writing a profile of Robert for the San Francisco Chronicle. Jay Kay Klein, Dean Ing. Davis Keeler, including his paper on the origin of "There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" and the acronym it spawned, "TANSTAAFL" used in Robert's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress". Robert to Stephen King, thanking him for his dust jacket blurb for "Job: A Comedy of Justice" and expressing admiration for the opening scenes of King's "Firestarter".
Part 4, 213 pages, continuing similar correspondence. L-O.  Highlights include: Cal Laning. Arnold Leibovit on the production of "The Fantasy Worlds of George Pal" documentary. Brad Linaweaver, Bradord Lyau, Daniel Keys Moran on his extension of Robert's poem "The Green Hills of Earth".  Sam Moskowitz, Joseph Martino. Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court, Stanley Mosk, reminiscing briefly about politics in 1930s Los Angeles. Andre Norton thanking Robert for his congratulations on her Grand Master Nebula award. Correspondence between Bernard M. Oliver and Robert regarding the Strategic Defense Initiative (aka "SDI" or "Star Wars") missile defense system proposed by President Ronald Reagan. Robert discusses at length his history on the subject.
Part 5, 379 pages, continuing similar correspondence. P-S .  Highlights include: Wes Posvar, Joel Rosenberg, Alexei Panshin, George W. Price.  Initial correspondence with Leon Stover regarding the book on Robert's works that he would eventually write. J. Neil Schulman, Robert Silverberg, Julius Schwartz.
Part 6, 228 pages, continuing similar correspondence. T-Z.  Highlights include: Harry Turtledove. Boris Treibman regarding a proposed book about the Soviet Union. Judge Warren D. Welliver of the Supreme Court of Missouri, with brief memories of the Heinlein family in Missouri.
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