Misc Photos, Box 404, Part 2

Misc Photos, Box 404, Part 2
Misc Photos, Box 404
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PHOTO404M-01, 02, 03, 04, 05
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Misc Photos, Box 404
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Part 1, 134 pages.  Miscellaneous photos, 1920s-1980s.  This collection is very wide-ranging. Subjects include various interior and exterior photos of the Heinleins' house at Bonny Doon, pictures of Robert in his study, Ginny ice skating, various cats and kittens, some vacation photos generally featuring the Heinleins from cruises and other trips, a photo of the house where Robert was born in Butler, MO.
Appears to include some early Heinlein family photos from the 1910s-1920s. Pictures of Robert from the 1930s and 1940s. Picture of Robert with Irving Pichel on the set of "Destination Moon".
Part 2, 132 pages. Photos taken by Arthur Dula and sent to the Heinleins from one of his many trips to Russia. Appear to be late 1980s or 1990s.
Miscellaneous photos, 1970s-1980s. This collection is very wide-ranging. Subjects include pictures from the Heinleins' trip to Asia in 1982, Harlan Ellison holding up a large poster of Robert, Charles N. Brown of Locus, pictures of the artwork hanging in the Heinleins home in Bonny Doon, pictures from the dedication of the Heinlein wing of the Butler Public Library in Butler, MO, exterior shots of the Bonny Doon lot, pictures of Robert's awards, Ginny ice skating, the house where Robert was born in Butler, MO, cruise photos, various family and friends.
Part 3, 130 pages. 1970s-1980s. Various photos of friends sent to the Heinleins. The Heinleins do not appear in any of the photos.
1950s-1980s. Wide ranging collection. Ginny, Robert, Amy Baxter, Fred Pohl, cruise photos, penguins in Antarctica, Ginny & Robert at the Grand Canyon in 1952, Robert at the 1962 Chicago Worldcon in his dressing robe holding Stranger in a Strange Land and the Hugo at the famous party in the Heinleins suite. Various friends and family.
1950s. Various photos of unclothed naturists in family groupings at the clubs the Heinleins were members of in the 1950s. No pictures of Robert and Ginny.
Part 4, 133 pages. Wide-ranging collection, 1960s-1980s. Penguins in Antarctica. Various interior and exterior photos of the house/land at Bonny Doon. Sarge Smith & Robert Heinlein with a Hugo trophy. Robert in his study.  Hugely grinning Ginny being cuddled by a Koala bear. Various friends and family.
1980s. Pictures of Robert & Ginny at a party hosted by Locus magazine.
1987. Pictures of Robert and Robert & Rita Bottoms (archivist of the University of California Santa Cruz Special Collections). Pictures appear to have been taken in the Heinlein's library at Bonny Doon. One of the pictures appears to have a handwritten note on the back from Frank Kelly Freas to Rita Bottoms.
2000. Mark Martin family photos sent to Ginny of new addition, Anson Martin. Includes a picture of the baby next to the cover art for "Grumbles from the Grave".
1920s-1940s. Pictures of Robert in US Navy uniform. Picture of Ginny in US Navy uniform.
1980s. Pictures of the Berlender family to the Heinleins.
Part 5, 147 pages. 1980s-1990s. Wide ranging variety of photos. Some from the Hershey family sent to Ginny. Photos of the dedication of the Heinlein wing of the Butler Public Library, Butler, MO. Various cat photos. Pictures of Robert receiving an honorary degree. Pictures from the 1982 trip to Japan.
1980s-1990s. Various. Exterior shots of the house at Bonny Doon. Friends and family. Pictures from the 1982 trip to Shanghai.  Pictures of Robert in his study. Posed picture of Robert and Ginny in Victorian dress. Picture of the Frank Kelly Freas painting of Robert & Ginny hanging at the Butler Public Library. Picture of friends at the house where Robert was born in Butler, MO. Cat photos.
1990s. Photos from the construction and dedication of the Heinlein Addition to the Butler Public Library, Butler, MO.
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