Travel Photos Ships, Tropics

Travel Photos  Ships, Tropics
Travel Photos – Ships, Tropics
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no box, file 5000, folder 05, 06, 07, 08, 09
Ships, Tropics
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Color slides of the Heinleins’ travels. There are only a few photos of the Heinleins in these travel photo collections. You may see shots of, for example, Stonehenge, but few of the Heinleins in front of Stonehenge. These are literally travel photos, not very different from anyone’s trip photos of these various locations. Their research interest may be mostly in determining where the Heinleins had traveled and how those views influenced RAH’s writings and descriptions.
Ships—costume party (must be a cruise ship thing because there seem to be numerous costume parties in the various ship photos), shipboard shots somewhere tropical, scenery and local people, undersea shots, possibly New Zealand—some scenery, some gardens, and a few random shots of Bonny Doon.
This file ends with a hodgepodge of 46 poor quality shots from around the world. They may have been sorted out and segregated in this area because they were poor quality.
Cross References
Original File Name
35mm slides 5000-1
05-on a ship, tropical
06_stereo-trip, tropics
07-tropics, scenery, underwater shots
08-fjords, maybe New Zealand, some Bonny Doon
09-hodgepodge of bad quality shots, mostly Europe
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