Biographical Materials Collected or Produced by Virginia Heinlein

Biographical Materials Collected or Produced by Virginia Heinlein
Biographical Materials Collected or Produced by Virginia Heinlein
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Biographical Materials Collected or Produced by Virginia Heinlein
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File consists of correspondence with friends and colleagues of Robert's over his lifetime with reminiscences about him. Also various correspondence from Robert to others that touches on his life and/or philosophies has been pulled from the correspondence files, or provided by third parties, and resides in this file. Additionally, Ginny wrote up various vignettes and eras from Robert's life herself and these sketches are also included.
Highlights include:
Handwritten notes by Ginny on the location in the archives of various materials she thought would be relevant to the project.
"Making Destination Moon" by Ginny.
Robert's 1961 correspondence with Sam Moskowitz discussing his life and career. 
Bits and pieces of J. Neil Schulman's work on Robert that would later end up in "The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana".
Robert to Frank M. Robinson with biographical material for his 1969 Playboy interview (eventually published in OUI in 1972).
Robert's end of his correspondence with Spider Robinson, 1980-1985.
Robert's side of his correspondence with Yoji Kondo, 1978-1985.
"Robert Heinlein: Man, Myth, or Monster?" by Sam Moskowitz.
Robert to Gregory Benford, 1973.
"Background", by Ginny, about Robert's childhood.
"Last Chapter", by Ginny, relating the details of Robert's final morning.
"Relationships", by Ginny, relating a story of Robert and Isaac Asimov during their war years in Philadelphia.
"Life in Kansas City", by Ginny.
"The Philosopher", by Ginny.
"Science Fiction and John W. Campbell", by Ginny.
"Civilian Life", by Ginny.
"The Years in Colorado", by Ginny.
"The Bonny Doon Years", by Ginny. 
"Naval Officer", by Ginny.
"The Years at the Naval Academy", by Ginny.
An untitled section regarding the circumstances surrounding the making of "Destination Moon", by Ginny.
Robert to Leon Stover, 1986, discussing his change in philosophy over the course of his life.
Also included is Ginny's preface to the uncut version of "Stranger in a Strange Land".
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Before authorizing first Leon Stover, and then William H. Patterson, Jr., to prepare a biography of Robert, Ginny collected materials for the project and wrote up some proposed sections herself in 1989-1990.