General Correspondence, 1986, Section 4, Part 3

General Correspondence, 1986, Section 4, Part 3
General Correspondence, 1986, Section 4

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CORR337-01, 02, 04, 06
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General Correspondence, 1986, Section 4
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Correspondence, mostly semi-personal with casual friends and acquaintances. Some with more close friends. Lower volume business discussions that didn't merit their own file might also appear here. There are also some fan letters and the return correspondence from the Heinleins. Some family letters. Christmas and birthday cards and other cards scattered throughout. No discernible sort order.
Part 1, 292 pages. Highlights include: Gordon Dickson,  Laura Haywood. Thomas Wiloch with a career sketch of Robert for "Contemporary Authors". Jerry Pournelle (both personal and as Chairman of the Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy report for 1986), Cal Laning, Leon Stover, Betsy Curtis, Rich Reed, Clare and Dorothy Heinlein. Michael J. Patrich, relating acquiring a reprint of the 1901 "Gray's Anatomy" for Robert's research for "To Sail Beyond the Sunset", and including a facsimile of the first few and last few pages to the 1883 edition as well.
Part 2, 300 pages. High proportion of fan letters. No discernible order. Highlights include: 35 pages of "The Goblin Universe" by Ted Holliday. Leon Stover, Poul Anderson. Governor John Ashcroft of Missouri invites Robert to participate in a  "First Annual Governor's Conference on Aging". Betsy Curtis. Correspondence from "High Frontier". Pamphlet from the Cato Institute, "Scalia vs Epstein: Two Views on Judicial Activism". Denis Paradis, Spider Robinson. Bjo Trimble, Robert Bloch.
Part 3, 330 pages. Highlights include: Diane Duane, including her "Uptown Local".
Part 4, 123 pages. Correspondence from two grade school classes, one in Kansas and one in Florida, regarding Robert's books "The Star Beast" and "Starman Jones".
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