The Heinlein Archives

The Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Archives online collections,
with 198,057 pages of documents and photographs are online.

Welcome to the home of the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Archives. The Heinlein Archives is a cooperative project between The Heinlein Prize Trust and the UC Santa Cruz Archives.

The Heinlein Archives presents digital copies of the entire collections of Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein in downloadable form for research and academic purposes. The manuscript files include Heinlein’s files of all his published works with his notes, research, early drafts and edits of manuscripts, to the final published form. These files provide both a look at Heinlein’s creative process and add insights into his intent and the meaning in his stories. Letters, scrapbooks, and photo albums give a look at the Heinleins' business and personal lives.

 How To Use the Heinlein Archives

Browse or search through the indexes of available Archives’ documents. Select those documents you wish to buy and add them to the Cart. The documents you receive will be in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free download). You will receive a link to your documents via email so be certain to include a valid email address.

All documents and photos are visually and digitally watermarked. Here is a sample of how your documents will appear: Sample.pdf

At checkout, those with prearranged Research Grants (see FAQ) from the Heinlein Prize Trust select Research Grant Form. Research Grant files will be delivered when the order has been approved, usually within 24 hours.

All others choose the credit card option. VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards are accepted. Links to your personalized documents will be delivered to your email address after payment has been processed.

Delivery time will vary depending on the size of your order, ranging from a few minutes for small files to several hours for large files and orders. It is recommended you limit yourself to no more than four files per single order.

Most of these files are extremely large. The largest files--such as "To Sail Beyond the Sunset" at 2194 pages--have been broken down into files of less than 300 pages each. These will still result in downloadable files of 80-200mb. A broadband connection is strongly recommended. Don’t try this with a dial-up. Dial-up download speeds are not supported.

If you have trouble with the download:

  • Clear your browser cache/temporary Internet files and try again. 
  • SAVE your documents rather than just opening them.
  • Download one document at a time from the links so the connection won’t time out.
  • Download links expire in a few days so be sure you have saved your document.

For other problems or questions contact the Archives at: The Heinlein Archives has no full-time staff, so please be patient when waiting for a reply.

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